Komplete Kontrol

NKS Effects Integration


Komplete Kontrol is a music production system that combines a desktop application and integrated hardware controller. It allows users to browse, load and playback virtual instruments plug-ins using a dedicated keyboard interface. Through the Native Kontrol Standard, NKS, Komplete Kontrol users can interact with the parameters of their loaded plug-ins in a standardised way. Parameters are organised into banks and mapped to 8 rotary encoders on the keyboard controller. The NKS effects feature extended the functionality of Komplete Kontrol by supporting the chaining of effects plug-in on top of loaded instruments thereby offering users greater control in their sound design activities. 






Though Komplete Kontrol offered already NKS instrument integration, research showed that users felt limited in their ability to shape the sounds they were using, they wanted effects.  I was responsible for managing all design activities necessary to solve this. This covered a broad range of topics and responsibilities including User Interviewing (recruiting, interviewing, insights digest); Conceptual Design work (UX/IxD/UI); User Testing; Presentation of Design / Handover of Design to Development UI implementation; UX Measurement/Refinement and Community management


The process for this project combined 2 common design approaches. 

Design Thinking was used to come up with an acceptable but still flexible design that had gone through several rounds of user testing and was accepted by stakeholders from products and development. 

From there we followed a Lean UX process, by released an MVP to a closed alpha user group to gather user feedback and refine the UX and final design in response over several months before the public release.

Design Thinking Phase


  • Gather information to help define the design challenge
  • Interviewing internal stakeholders and users


  • Analsis of of research inputs
  • Clarifiction of the design challenge
  • Present the data and insights


  • Evaluate the design challenge
  • Ideation
  • Prototypes and user testing
  • Regular discussions with stakeholders


  • Refine design solutions
  • Prepare deliverale to for development

Lean UX / Agile UX Phase

  • Recruited Alpha group user
  • Several closed releases + Surveys
  • Created insights with each release
  • Refine designs
  • Measure progress.


Final Design 


With the release of this feature, users saw a major increase in the sound design possibilities offered by Komplete Kontrol. Now they could use hundreds of effects from various industry partners in a familiar way.

From the design activities that took place over the course of the project, we could see regular improvements in the defined success metrics, as well as positive sentiments across social media, various public forums and closed user groups. The process of creating this feature collaboratively with users started an ongoing conversation between the development teams and users, which became a source of regular feedback and insights to product managers.